What was the Moon on August 16 2014?

What was the Moon on August 16 2014?

August 16 Moon Phase — Waning Gibbous.

When was the full moon in August 2014?

Aug. 10, 2014
On Aug. 10, 2014, the moon was full at perigee, marking a so-called ‘Supermoon.

What phase was the Moon in August 16 2000?

Waning Gibbous Phase The Waning Gibbous on August 16 has an illumination of 98%. This is the percentage of the Moon illuminated by the Sun. The illumination is constantly changing and can vary up to 10% a day.

What phase was the Moon in August 16 2004?

On this day the Moon was in a New Moon phase.

Is August 16 a Leo?

Leos born on August 16 are dedicated, disciplined individuals with a strong sense of personal destiny. While they absorb and listen to the criticism of others, it rarely causes them to change their game plan.

What phase was the moon in on August 16 1992?

Moon Phases August 1992

<< July August 1992 September >>
Sunday Monday
9 Waxing gibbous Visible: 87% ↑ Age: 11.22 days 10 Waxing gibbous Visible: 93% ↑ Age: 12.14 days
16 Waning gibbous Visible: 92% ↓ Age: 17.52 days 17 Waning gibbous Visible: 86% ↓ Age: 18.43 days

When was the full moon in August 2015?

Dates of Moon Phases in 2015 Year

Lunar Phase Local Date & Time — Mountain View (America/Los Angeles) UTC Date & Time
New Moon August 14, Fri August 14, Fri
First Quarter August 22, Sat August 22, Sat
Full Moon August 29, Sat August 29, Sat
Last Quarter September 5, Sat September 5, Sat

Why is August 16th so special?

16 Aug, 1977 Elvis Presley Dies 1977 : Elvis Presley dies at the age of 42, leaving rock and roll fans worldwide mourning his loss. Elvis was found dead at his Graceland mansion in Memphis, Tennessee. The cause of death is pronounced as cardiac arrhythmia which is a form of heart attack.