What You Should Know Before TV Installation

What You Should Know Before TV Installation

You finally bought an upgraded version of the television you were yearning for since you were young. Upon bringing it home, you unbox it when a sudden realisation hits you. Where will you put it? Do you put it on a shelf, or have it mounted on the wall? Having a TV installation done in your house is a must, especially if you just bought the lightest and most modern tube in history.

It may give you pride when you do things yourself, but installing your brand new television should not be one of them. TV sets are delicate. One small move and you might as well be sweeping your new shattered TV off the floor. While you should leave the installation to the professionals, you should still have an idea of how the process works.

The Wall

If you do a TV installation on your wall, you need to consider the size of your television. Can your wall hold it up? It may seem like it because you have a lot of framed portraits. But your TV is way more massive than those pictures. When you moved into your house, your wall was a blank canvas – no screws, no holes, and no studs, no anything. As time went by, you added decorations. The integrity of your wall was put in jeopardy the moment a drill was put in the first screw. TV mounting experts will know if your wall is strong enough to support your new television.

Additional Equipment

Nowadays, there are smart home equipment and appliances which can be controlled by a central system with the push of a button. Some of the television units come with a pre-installed option of synchronising with the central control of the house. TV owners may also decide on an entertainment set up, which is complete with home theatre seating, speakers, and other audio-visual peripherals.

Room Design

Home theatre and TV installation people are already experts in their field. One look at a room and they would already know if an appliance is in its proper place. They assess viewing distance between television to chair or bed, room size, acoustics, and other room furniture for maximum audio and visual enjoyment. Even the glare from your new TV needs checking to ensure that the light does not bounce off of the adjacent walls. They can give suggestions as to where your television and other accoutrements should be.

Electricity Ports and Wiring

There is some audio-visual equipment that you can plug-in by yourself. Are you the type of person who wants to add more accessories to your television bit by bit? If you are, then it may be best to ask the installation guys to leave some headroom between the wall and back of your TV to avoidun-mounting every time you access the ports.

TV Angles

Is there a specific angle you want to achieve while watching? An adjustable mount is possible for television rotation wherever you go. Your home theatre or TV installers can suggest alternatives.

Let the professionals take care of your television installation. But knowing how they do it allows you to unlock your creativity by planning along with them.