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Where is Mogador?

Where is Mogador?

Ideally situated with regard to the trade winds of the North Atlantic, Mogador prospered in the triangular trade between Europe, Africa and the Americas 17th – 19th century.

Where is Mogadore Ohio located on the map?

Location in Summit County and the state of Ohio. /  41.05222°N 81.39722°W  / 41.05222; -81.39722 /  41.05222°N 81.39722°W  / 41.05222; -81.39722 Mogadore ( / ˈmɒɡədɔːr / MOG-ə-dor) is a village in Portage and Summit counties in the U.S. state of Ohio.

What was the attack of Mogador?

The attack of Mogador by the French fleet , Serkis Diranian. The Bombardment of Mogador took place in August 1844, when French Navy forces under the Prince de Joinville attacked the Moroccan city of Mogador, modern Essaouira, and the island facing the city, Mogador island. The campaign was part of the First Franco-Moroccan War.

What is the history of the Mogador Bay?

But the Mogador Bay and its islands have been occupied since prehistoric times. Morocco was in early history time inhabited by the Imazighen (known as Chleuh – an ethnic Berber group). Archeological research show that they have been fishing in The Mogador Bay, 2000 to 3000 BC.