Where is the site manager in Blackboard?

Where is the site manager in Blackboard?

Site Manager: If you have editing or administrative privileges you can access the Site Manager from the dashboard after you sign in.

How do I recover unsaved blackboard?

No need to panic!…Use the restore function in the recycle bin to easily restore your page.

  1. Navigate to the Site Manager.
  2. Select Recycle Bin.
  3. Select Restore to restore deleted pages.

How do I add a discussion post on Blackboard?

To add a discussion board to the Blackboard Course Menu:

  1. Click the Discussions link on the Course Menu.
  2. Click Create Forum Link.
  3. Type a name for the link and choose the options you need.
  4. Click Submit.

What does collapse all mean on blackboard?

Select Collapse to minimize a post and increase the vertical screen space. If your instructor enabled the rate posts feature in a forum’s settings, Overall Rating displays the average rating for a post. When you point to the rating area, it changes to show Your Rating.

What is Post tagging in Blackboard?

Tags are text labels that act like bookmarks. The instructor can attach tags in order to group similar messages together. For example, if the subject of scientific notation is discussed often, tag each of the posts on this topic. Students can read, filter, and search messages using these tags.

What is a blackboard blog?

What is a Blackboard Blog? A Blog is a collaborative tool that allows students to post their personal reflection about the course or discuss and analyze course related materials. Blog Entries: Text, images, links and attachments posted by students and open for Comments.

Who started blackboard?

Michael Chasen

What is the difference between a blog and a discussion board?

Discussion boards are used to create a “thread” or “topic” where participants in the board can post replies or start threads on new topics. Blogs are relatively new when compared to discussion boards. Blogs or “web logs” originally emerged as a way on the Web for individuals or groups to post a kind of ongoing journal.

What does clear flag mean?

When I choose “clear flag” for a particular email, it temporarily removes it from the top of the sort (and presumably moves it down in the inbox to its appropriate place based on received date/time).

Why is blackboard so bad?

Blackboard is expensive, difficult to maintain, and has a terrible UX that defies pretty much every sound principle of web design. Some examples: 1. The file uploader is Java based, even though file uploading is handled natively by every browser.

How do I use Blackboard journals?

Create journal entries

  1. On the Journals listing page, select a journal title.
  2. On the journal’s topic page, select Create Journal Entry.
  3. Type a title and entry.
  4. Select Browse My Computer to upload a file from your computer.
  5. Select Post Entry to submit the journal entry or select Save Entry as Draft to add the entry later.

How do I delete a blog post on Blackboard?

Edit or delete a blog entry Your instructor determines if you’re allowed to edit or delete your blog entries. On the blog’s topic page, access the entry’s menu and select Edit or Delete. Deleting a blog entry is final and irreversible.

Does blackboard still exist?

Though previously a public company, following its 2011 buyout by Providence Equity Partners Blackboard now operates as a private company.

How do I edit a post in Blackboard?

Edit or delete replies

  1. Open a thread in a forum.
  2. On the thread’s page, point to a post to view the available functions.
  3. Select Edit or Delete. The delete action is irreversible.
  4. When you edit, the page expands so that you can make edits in the editor while you view the original post.
  5. Select Submit.

How do I delete my discussion post on Blackboard as a student?

Editing and Deleting Discussion Posts On the Thread Detail page, click the title of one of your own posts. The post appears in the Current Post portion of the content frame. Click Edit to modify the message or click Delete and confirm its removal.

What does set flag mean in Blackboard?

You can flag important or noteworthy messages for easy identification. This is especially helpful in forums that have accumulated many posts. TIP: You can also mark messages as read or unread. Posts that have been marked as Unread display in bold type for emphasis. Flags only appear to the user who creates them.

How do blogs work in Blackboard?

In Blackboard Learn, instructors create and manage blogs, and only enrolled users can view and create entries and comments in them. Similar to journals, you can use blogs for a graded assignment or gather opinions and information without assigning a grade.

Can you edit a thread on Blackboard as a student?

Edit a thread You can edit posts in any thread. If a student added inappropriate or inaccurate content, you can edit the post. When you create or edit a forum, you control if students may edit their published posts. Open a forum and select a thread.