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Where is the smoke coming from in Fresno California?

Where is the smoke coming from in Fresno California?

FRESNO, Calif. (KSEE) — Some in the Central Valley noticed diminished air quality Thursday morning after a plume of smoke rising from the KNP Complex actually folded over and dipped into the Valley.

How far is the fire from Fresno?

Among the NorCal fires still actively burning is the Dixie Fire, which has torched more than 600,000 acres spread over Butte, Plumas, Tehama, and Lassen counties, according to Cal Fire. That’s roughly 200 miles from Fresno.

Is Fresno affected by wildfires?

Parts of Fresno saw 60 days a year with wildfire smoke between 2016 and 2020, an increase of 225%, the report says. The Valley district’s wildfire information page is Real-time air quality by ZIP code is also available at

Why is the air quality so bad in Fresno right now?

Fresno’s air quality is affected by numerous factors, including: vehicle emissions from commuters, tourists, and truck traffic. factory emissions from industry and farming operations. dust and PM10 from farming.

What is causing California fires?

He is among several experts who say a confluence of factors has driven the surge of large, destructive fires in California: unusual drought and heat exacerbated by climate change, overgrown forests caused by decades of fire suppression, and rapid population growth along the edges of forests.

Why is Fresno Air quality bad?

Fresno is a region surrounded by mountain ranges and acts as a pool of emissions, trapped in the Central Valley by warm air that comes from its roughly 3.5 million residents. Because of this, Fresno’s air quality is considered to be the worst in the region of the Central Valley and among the worst in the U.S.

Why is air so bad in Fresno?

FRESNO, Calif. Heinks says the temperatures might also cause air stagnation, which could trap pollution and bad air from wildfires that have been burning for months in and around the Central Valley. “That’s what we deal with,” Heinks explains.

How bad is the air quality in Fresno CA?

According to the 2020 State of the Air Report by the American Lung Association, the Fresno/Madera/Hanford metropolitan area ranks the following for each major type of air pollution: Ozone: #4 worst of 229 metropolitan areas in the United States.

Why is Fresno so foggy?

Because of the density of the cold air, winds are not able to dislodge the fog and the high pressure of the warmer air above the mountains presses down on the cold air and traps the fog in the valley. The result is a dense immobile fog that reduces visibility to a mere foot.

What started the wildfires in California 2021?

What caused the California wildfires? The latest set of Californian wildfires have been caused by severe rising heat temperatures across the Western States. It has been coupled with drought conditions that have been compounded after the state experienced its driest 12 months on record.