Where is the special Chakra fragment?

Where is the special Chakra fragment?

After Stage 6, Gekomatsu will tell you of a special chakra fragment that he wants you to collect for him. It’s located in the Western Land of Lightning, in sight of The Last Battle with Tobi. You can travel there by way of the boathouse, going west if you’re leaving the Leaf Village.

How do you increase friendship in Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 3?

Friendship Letters are special events that, depending on your reply, can increase your Friendship Level with a person. Friendship Letters are only available after increasing someone’s friendship level through a Request Mission. Raising Friendship Levels with certain characters can unlock special items and events.

How many missions are in Naruto Storm 3?

Unlike most rpg’s, there are no side missions until you actually beat the game. There are ten chapters in the storyline, most of which can take up a few hours of time, and there is a prolouge when you first start up, and there is a fragment when you do a couple of side missions.

How do I get super maiden showdown?

Super Maiden Showdown – Given by Sakura, Ino and Hinata (Located on the far left side of Konohagakure near Naruto’s house.) Completing this should put you at 33% request success rate. Between a Rock and a Hard Place – Given by Kakashi (At the base of the stairs leading to the Hokage’s Mansion.)

How do you unlock Kabuto in Naruto Storm 3 Full Burst?

On picking it you will face Sasuke – what you have to do is kill off the white Zetsu, and finish the fight with beating Tobi. You should not have any problems with that, especially after finishing the story line. Once you have beaten him, you will unlock Kabuto fight in fights tab.

How do I start the Frog Stone quest?

Shortly after finishing the main storyline you’ll be placed in the Hidden Leaf Village. Head up towards the new Hokage’s Mansion and before you get to the stairs going up the mountain you’ll see a frog from Mt Myoboku. He gives you two items: a Frog Stone and a device that lets you see chakra fragments.

Where is kurotsuchi?

Kurotsuchi may refer to: Berardius minimus, a smaller, darker beaked whale species, found in the northwest Pacific Ocean. Mayuri Kurotsuchi, a character who is Captain of the 12th Division and President of the Shinigami Research Institute in the Japanese Bleach series.

How much Ryo do you need to unlock Sage Kabuto?

In xbox360/ps3 versions of UNS3 Full Burst to unlock sage mode kabuto u need 1 600 000 ryo.

How do I unlock Kabuto sage mode?

How many Chakra fragments are there?

Once you get half-way through collecting the chakra fragments he’ll give you a mission to find a special fragment in the Land of Lightning. Once you get to this fragment it will unlock the Fragment Storyline. Afterwards, just keep collecting chakra fragments until you’re done. You’ll collect 10,000 fragments total.

What happens after you complete Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 story mode?

After completing Ultimate Ninja Storm 3’s story mode, players will be able to explore freely. Request Missions will become available at this point, allowing players to complete special tasks that range from fetching items to participating in martial arts tournaments.

What are the special mission events in ninja world?

Special Mission Events: Collect Ninja World Timeline Pages and complete the Ninja World Timeline. Special Mission Events: Go with Sakura to the Hidden Sand to help her on her mission. Special Mission Events: Go with Hinata to the Hidden Cloud to help her on her mission.

What are request missions in Naruto Shippuden?

Request Missions will become available at this point, allowing players to complete special tasks that range from fetching items to participating in martial arts tournaments. Complete these tasks to earn special rewards. Teuchi, the Ichiraku Ramen proprietor, wants to ask Naruto a favor.

What are the request events for the samurai?

Request Events: The Samurai are training in the Land of Lightning. Mifune, their leader, has a request regarding that training. Help him make the training a success. Request Events: A certain girl has lost her treasured comb and doesn’t know what to do.