Which splint helps to immobilize the thumb and provide support?

Which splint helps to immobilize the thumb and provide support?

A spica splint is a type of orthopedic splint used to immobilize the thumb and/or wrist while allowing the other digits freedom to move.

Is a thumb spica splint custom?

Custom Made Thumb Spica Splints A Certified Hand Therapist has the ability to custom make a splint to your specific needs. Custom made thumb spica splints can be modified as needed. Depending on the patient’s specific condition, thumb splints can be static or dynamic.

Where is the CMC joint located?

The carpometacarpal (CMC) joints of the hand form the articulation between the distal row of carpal bones and the bases of the five metacarpal bones. These joints are positioned at the extreme proximal region of the hand (see Figs. 7.3 and 7.4).

How do you splint a broken thumb?

Place the splint. Then, tie or tape it to the arm just below the wrist and above the elbow. Avoid placing ties directly over the injured area. You should fasten the splint tightly enough to hold the body part still, but not so tightly that the ties will cut off the person’s circulation.

What is a thumb spica splint?

A thumb spica splint is a type of hand cast that is designed to protect and immobilize the thumb. It is commonly used in emergency rooms and orthopedic surgeon’s offices to aid in the healing of strains, sprains, and minor fractures of the lower thumb or wrist.

What is a safe position splint?

The Safe Position Burn Splint keeps hands in the intrinsic-plus position following burn injuries or other trauma. The hand will be positioned with the wrist at 20 – 30 degrees extension, metacarpophalangeal joints at at 60 – 70 degrees flexion, interphalangeal joints extended, and the thumb in a mid-abduction/extension position.

What is thumb immobilizer?

Liberty™ CMC Thumb Immobilizer is made of lightweight, ultra-thin polypropylene plastic. Ideal for arthritis, following dislocations, fractures or sprains, gamekeeper’s and. skier’s thumb. Trim with scissors or use a heat gun to flare edges. Includes a stockinette liner.