Who is Bob Kelso?

Who is Bob Kelso?

Dr. Robert “Bob” Kelso, MD was the Chief of Medicine at Sacred Heart Hospital from 1985 until he willingly retired. He was in medicine for many years, including during the Vietnam War, until he turned 65 and quit his job.

What is the business model of Kelso?

Kelso’s business decisions are primarily made with the best interests of the patients at heart.

What is the relationship between Kelso and Cox?

At times Kelso will do anything in his power to bring the hammer down on Cox, and other times they will be seen eating together and making fun of others. While Kelso does admit that Cox is a good doctor, he has no patience for the fact that Cox cannot just ‘play the game’ like everyone else, and instead goes by his own rules.

What happened to Bob Kelso on Scrubs?

Bob Kelso is the chief of medicine for Sacred Heart Hospital for the first seven seasons of Scrubs (a position held since 1984), though he resigns in the episode “My Dumb Luck”.