Who is Elayne Trakand father?

Who is Elayne Trakand father?

Elayne Trakand is the daughter of Morgase Trakand and Taringail Damodred. She has an older brother, Gawyn, and an older half-brother, Galadedrid. A few years after Elayne was born, Taringail died.

Is Rand related to Elayne?

Although Galad is half brother both to Rand and to Gawyn and Elayne, Rand is only very distantly related to Elayne by their common ancestor, as it is said that although Morgase was Tigraine’s closest female line relative, the two women would not have been considered related at all if they had been commoners.

Are Moraine and Elayne related?

Moiraine was also the youngest half-sister of Taringail Damodred, and spent much of her childhood in the Sun Palace. She is the aunt of Galad Damodred, Gawyn Trakand, and Queen Elayne Trakand, and has other unnamed nieces and nephews from her sister Innloine. Moiraine using the One Power.

How are Rand and Galad related?

Lord Galadedrid of House Damodred, more commonly known as Galad, is the only son of Tigraine Mantear and Taringail Damodred and is the half-brother of Rand al’Thor through his mother, and of Elayne and Gawyn Trakand through his father.

Is Thom Elayne’s father?

Thom is not Elayne’s father.

Does LAN sleep with moiraine?

The show also appears to be highlighting Lan and Moraine’s lack of physical intimacy. There was the chaste hot tub scene in the premiere, and now they watch one warder after another follow their Aes Sedai to bed; the show seems to be pointing out that Lan and Moraine are not sleeping together.

Who was Rand’s real father?

Janduin was the clan chief of the Taardad Aiel of the Iron Mountain sept and the biological father of Rand al’Thor, the Dragon Reborn.

Who is the most powerful Aes Sedai?

Nynaeve is the strongest Aes Sedai. However, among the Light siders, Alivia is far stronger and Sharina will become stronger. I would say that Alivia > Cyndane, instead of both tied at level 20 (Lanfear at 21).

Who is Tigraine in the Wheel of Time?

Tigraine Mantear (pronounced: tee-GRAIN), also known as Shaiel to the Aiel, born in the year 950 NE was the Daughter-Heir of Queen Mordrellen Mantear of Andor. Her brother, Luc Mantear, became one half of the being known as Slayer.

Who are the main characters in wheel of time?

Wheel of Time is very much an ensemble story packed with dozens of important characters who all have major roles in the Dragon Reborn’s journey. The two who set it all in motion are Moiraine (Rosamund Pike) and Lan (Daniel Henney), who travel to the village of Emond’s Field to find the Dragon Reborn.

Who is Elayne in The Hobbit?

Elayne was born to Queen Morgase Trakand and Prince Taringail Damodred, and was Daughter-Heir of Andor from birth. As was tradition, she was sent to the White Tower for her education as Daughter-Heir, where she was enrolled as a novice after it was discovered that she had the potential to be one of the most powerful channelers of the era.

What happened to Elayne’s mother in shadow and bone?

Soon after, Elayne’s mother, Morgase, arrives at the palace, revealing herself to be alive. Elayne then meets with Faile and Perrin about their possible rebellion and their claim of Lordship of the Two Rivers.

What did Elayne do to the Trollocs?

Elayne decides that the Trollocs need to be flushed out of Caemlyn, otherwise the Trolloc armies have a base they can launch attacks from at any time. She orders oil from Mayene to be poured into the basement of hundreds of buildings throughout the city.