Who is Keith Harkins wife?

Who is Keith Harkins wife?

Kelsey Harkinm. 2016
Keith Harkin/Spouse

Is Rebecca Harkin related to Keith Harkin?

Harkin shone from an early age She comes from a musical family and her brother, Keith, is also a successful singer both as a solo artist and with Celtic Thunder.

What happened Keith Harkin?

While busy at work on his solo career, Keith has continued to perform as a lead soloist in Celtic Thunder, touring Australia and the United States 2014, and the US and Canada in 2015. Keith has left Celtic Thunder to work on his dream as a Solo Artist.

Is Keith Harkin an American citizen?

Drove 25 hrs straight to LA to get to my swear in ceremony and become a citizen of the USA & also a banger of a show to top off the wold tour in LA 🙏Very grateful for this year. Announcing an east coast tour for March 2020 this weekend! Welcome citizen! Congrats to your citizenship Keith👍!

What happened to Phil Coulter’s first wife?

Coulter’s first marriage was to Angela Coulter; their second child was born with Down’s Syndrome and died aged four.

How old is Keith Harkin?

35 years (June 10, 1986)
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Does Keith Harkin have siblings?

Rebecca Harkin
Keith Harkin/Siblings

Who is the blonde in Celtic Thunder?

But now he is unleashed with his long-awaited solo album and the secret is out: Keith Harkin is a major talent. Not that he’s unknown – as a key member of Celtic Thunder, the blond singer from Derry, Northern Ireland, already has millions of devoted “Thunderheads” behind him.

Who is the youngest member of Celtic Thunder?

star Damian McGinty
When child star Damian McGinty joined Celtic Thunder at the tender age of 14, he was the youngest member of the group. Eight years on, and still just 22 years of age, he made his spectacular return to the singing sensation for “The Very Best of Celtic Thunder” tour in 2015.

Who is Geraldine Brannigan married to?

Phil Coulterm. 1998
Geraldine Branagan/Spouse
Personal life. In November 1998, Brannigan married her long-time partner Phil Coulter in a low-key ceremony at Wicklow registry office, witnessed by their six children, Danielle, Dominique, Alexandra, Daragh, Ryan and Georgina, and 16 guests.

Is Paul Byrom still married?

They were one of music’s golden couples but after five years of marriage, tenor Paul Byrom and wife Dominique, daughter of musician Phil Coulter, have split. Extra.ie has learned that the pair separated 12 weeks ago, just months before their six-year wedding anniversary.

Which members of Celtic Thunder are married?

Damian has had an Incredible Musical Journey since the age of 14, and now Damian has started another Journey with Anna Claire, married on June 1st 2019. Everyone at Celtic Thunder wishes Damian and Claire their very best and many blessings for years to come.

Who is Keith Harkin first wife?

by Malalrajas, 05.06.2019 Keith was born 10 June 1986 in Derry and Keith Harkin first wife Jessica Cross middle of Millennials generation. He married Kelsey Nichols on July 2, He was previously married to Jessica Cross. He performed music at a very young age and this led to his aspiration to be a musician as he grew older.

Who is Sean Harkin’s wife?

He became famous when he joined Irish music group, Celtic Thunder. After nearly ten years with the group, Harkin decided to take some time off and tour on his own. He is now married to his wife Kelsey. and the couple resides in Los Angeles, California. On May 10, 2019, Harkin announced the birth of the couple’s son via Instagram.

What is Keith Harkin famous for?

BBC Radio Ulster has referred to Harkin as the “Irish Jack Johnson”. Keith Harkin (born (1986-06-10 ) 10 June 1986 in Derry, Northern Ireland) is a singer and songwriter. He became famous when he joined Irish music group, Celtic Thunder. After nearly ten years with the group, Harkin decided to take some time off and tour on his own.

Who attended Jessica Harkin and Keith Harkin’s wedding?

Everyone who was new to Jessica and Keith at their wedding, the entire Celtic Thunder team was in attendance, and all the couple’s family and friends. The entire Harkin family flew to Chicago from Derry, Ireland for this wedding. It was a great success and everyone knew that Jessica and Keith were perfect for each other.