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Who is the CEO of Afriland First Bank?

Who is the CEO of Afriland First Bank?

Dr Paul K. FOKAM
Dr Paul K. FOKAM: Chairman and CEO.

Is Afriland first bank worldwide?

Present in most countries in Africa, France and in China, the First Bank has a combination of both private and corporate clients, majority being the private clients. Afriland is present worldwide, thanks to its network of partners famously known for their seriousness and credibility.

How many branches does Afriland First Bank have?

Its first branch was opened and became operational on July 1st, 1988 at the now Retraite Branch located in Yaounde. So far, the bank counts about forty (40) branches in the ten (10) regions of Cameroon despite the country’s unfavourable economic situation and the general tendency of banks going bankrupt.

Where is Afriland First Bank located in Cameroon?

Company Description: AFRILAND FIRST BANK is located in Yaounde, Cameroon and is part of the Depository Credit Intermediation Industry.

Is Afriland first bank in USA?

Afriland First Bank is a full-service bank in Cameroon, with subsidiaries in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Equatorial Guinea, Guinea, Liberia, South Sudan, São Tomé and Príncipe, Uganda and Zambia….Afriland First Bank.

Type Joint stock
Industry Finance
Founded 1987
Headquarters 1063 Place de l’Indépendance Yaoundé, Cameroon

Is Afriland Bank International?

A wide network to transfer money worldwide; A wide international coverage like in West Africa, Asia, Europe and the USA; More than 220 000 points of sale in its network; Competitive price.

Where is Afriland First Bank located in Uganda?

Afriland First Bank, sets up shop in Kampala, Hamadou Bayo to be its CEO – CEO East Africa. At The CEO Magazine, we are driven by the notion that every business is a story that deserves to be shared.

What is the function of Afriland bank in Liberia?

The purpose of the financial instrument is to work with farmers to improve the quality, quantity and marketing of locally-produced rice by importing up to US$2M of processing equipment, unlocking financing opportunities for Liberian agro-dealers, processors and aggregators.

How many banks are in Cameroon?

15 banks
Number of banks per country in CEMAC 2017 This statistic presents the number of banks in each country of the Central African Economic and Monetary Community in 2017. There were 15 banks in Cameroon in that year.

What are the products of Afriland First Bank?

Current account. Savings account. Islamic savings account. Flash Cash account. Currency account.

  • Debit Cards. Privatives Cards. International Cards.
  • E-First. SMS First. join-us.
  • Flash Tranfer. Moneygram. Small World. Mobile Money. MAC.
  • What is the full meaning of SGBC bank?

    Societe Generale des Banques au Cameroun (SGBC) Standard Chartered Bank.

    Which is the best bank in Cameroon?

    With XAF704. 7 billion, Afriland First Bank holds the top spot. During the period under review, the bank recorded an XAF18 billion month-over-month rise in its outstanding credits. The second bank in that top 5 was Société Générale with a XAF678.

    How do I contact afrililand First Bank Cameroon?

    Afriland First Bank-Cameroun. Headquaters: 1063 Place de l’intendance P. O. Box 11834 Yaoundé Cameroon SWIFT: CCEICMCX Tel: 237 222 23 30 68 Fax: 237 222 22 17 85 Call center: 8050 E-mail: [email protected].

    Why choose Afriland First Bank?

    Afriland First Bank offers various solutions to monetize your assets and certificates of deposit, time deposits and stock market investments. Being your service is more than a business deal, but a vocation.

    How many branches does Afriland First Bank Uganda Limited have?

    Uganda – Afriland First Bank Uganda Limited. In the following countries, the bank has representative offices only: , the bank maintains 32 networked branches inside the Republic of Cameroon. ^ “Members of Board of Directors”.