Who is the most popular actress in Singapore?

Who is the most popular actress in Singapore?

Star Awards for Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes

Star Awards for Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes 十大最受欢迎女艺人
Country Singapore
Presented by Mediacorp
First awarded 1994
Currently held by Paige Chua Hong Ling Jin Yinji Ann Kok Rebecca Lim Yvonne Lim Jesseca Liu Bonnie Loo Carrie Wong Ya Hui (2021)

Is Fiona Xie Thai?

Fiona Xie (谢婉谕, Xie Wanyu; born 24 January 1982) is a Singaporean actress, variety show host, and was named as one of the Seven Princesses of Mediacorp in 2006. Xie became one of the first Singaporean actresses to break into Hollywood, playing Kitty Pong in the 2018 film Crazy Rich Asians.

Who is Jessica Liu husband?

Jeremy Chanm. 2017
Jesseca Liu/Husband

How much does a Mediacorp actor earn?

$90,561 (SGD)/yr.

Who is Fiona Xie ex fiancé?

And so the hopelessly romantic Fiona packed her bags and took a leap of faith. Little did she know that they would end up breaking up. The 38-year-old revealed the reason behind their split on this week’s episode of Quan Yifeng’s talk show, Hear U Out.

Who was Fiona Xie fiance?

Julien Leo (2006–)
Fiona Xie/Partner

Why did Fiona Xie divorce?

After her grandmother’s death, Fiona shut herself off from the entire world and she ended up breaking up with her fiancé because he didn’t know how to break down the walls that she built around herself. “He’s a really great guy and I love him a lot, but the way we communicate and think are very different.

How much older is Fiona than Lip?

Other clues in the show indicate that Fiona is actually around five years older than Lip, not three.

How old is Jeremy Chan?

40 years (July 17, 1981)
Jeremy Chan/Age

Who is Jeremy Chan’s wife?

Jesseca Lium. 2017
Jeremy Chan/Wife

How much does a DJ earn in Singapore?

$97,900 (SGD)/yr.