Who is the woman in the new Venus razor commercial?

Who is the woman in the new Venus razor commercial?

dancer Jennifer Lopez
This commercial for Gillette Venus razors features actress, singer, and dancer Jennifer Lopez in various roles.

Who is the girl in the Gillette Venus pubic hair razor commercial?

Megan Madden
We Have A Lot Of Questions About Gillette’s Singing Pubic Hair Commercial. Photographed by Megan Madden.

Can I use Venus razor on my private parts?

Venus’ Pubic Hair & Skin razor is specifically designed to help protect pubic skin from shave irritation. Its patented Irritation Defence Bar and optimally spaced blades allow the blades to cut hair while barely touching the skin.

Is Venus razor good for vaginal hair removal?

Designed as a razor for women, Gillette Venus glides smoothly along your curves and leaves with you smooth Venus skin. This hair remover can be used by any woman/girl on face, arms, underarms, legs and full body including the sensitive bikini area. …

Can I shave pubic hair with Venus razor?

How do girls shave?

Here are some safety tips for teen girls who shave with disposable razors:

  1. Shave in a warm shower or bathtub.
  2. Splash warm water on your skin (or soak it) for a few minutes before shaving.
  3. Shave in the direction of hair growth, such as in a downward direction on the leg since leg hair grows down.

Which razor is best for ladies?

6 best razors for women in 2021

  • Best overall women’s razor: BIC.
  • Most affordable women’s razor: Schick.
  • Best women’s razor for sensitive skin: Gillette Venus.
  • Best reusable women’s razor: Billie.
  • Best travel-friendly women’s razor: Alleyoop.
  • Best women’s razor for the face: Tinkle.
  • Hair removal myths, debunked.

Can you use a shaver on your pubic area?

You can even use the shaver after a few days and your skin won’t get irritated. The almond strip moisturizes the skin The hypoallergenic foils are perfect for sensitive skin. Getting a decent shave can be intimidating, especially when it comes to your pubic area.

How to choose the right Shaver for intimate shaving?

Shaving the intimate area requires full control of your shaver. Lose control and it could result in nicks, cuts, and a blotchy V zone. Your shaver should not be too heavy nor too light. It should be easy to handle with just the right weight. 4.

How many attachments does the pubic hair razor have?

The pubic hair razor features 6 different attachments for your pubic hair and eyebrows. The shaver is sold with a beauty bonus package that contains a pair of exfoliating gloves, a carrying case, and illuminating tweezers.

What are the features of electric shaver for women?

This electric shaver for women comes with a 3 in 1 shaver head, precise trimming head, precise shaving head and a facial cleansing brush. All these features are designed to meet the user’s needs for a multi-function appeal.