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Who owns Hoetmar Manor?

Who owns Hoetmar Manor?

The first feudal lords of Hoetmar Manor became knights of Hoetmar. In 1449 the heiress to the manor and family of Hoetmar married Series von der Hegge. Through this marriage Hoetmar was transferred to the family von Ketteler, and around 1700 it was transferred again to the Count von Westerholt, who still owns Hoetmar Manor today.

Who was the Count of Hoetmar?

As far back as written records can be found, Hoetmar had belonged to the Count von Westfalen, the later Count of Arnsberg. In 1247 Count Conrad I of Rietberg inherited all properties north of the river Lippe, obviously Hoetmar as well.

What is the meaning of the name Hoetmar?

Linguists have found the meaning of the name “Hoetmar” by deriving it back to “Otomar”. They broke the name into two parts. First “ot” stands for a swamp or marsh, and secondly “mar” is Low German for a stagnant body of water. Therefore, the name “Otomar” or “Hoetmar” indicates a rolling swamp or marsh-like landscape.

What is St Lambert Parish of Hoetmar?

In 1281, St Lambert Parish of Hoetmar was founded by Count Conrad I of Rietberg. The parish included the whole village and its surrounding farming areas. However, the Catholic parish in Hoetmar no longer operates independently.