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Who owns the Atlantic Hotel in Berlin MD?

Who owns the Atlantic Hotel in Berlin MD?

John Fager
2015 marks the 120th Anniversary of The Atlantic Hotel, and as we sat with current owner John Fager last week, reminiscing on the history of the town’s centerpiece, we found ourselves trying to imagine a Berlin without the beloved hotel.

What is the name of the hotel in Berlin MD?

The Atlantic Hotel
The Atlantic Hotel – Berlin MD | Historic Inn Maryland.

How far is Berlin MD from the beach?

Berlin, Maryland is only 10 miles from Ocean City.

How old is the Atlantic Hotel in Ocean City Maryland?

The original Atlantic Hotel was built in 1875 was the founding establishment of the Grand Boardwalk Hotels that started Ocean City’s hospitality industry. The Atlantic Hotel was called “a marvel in architectural beauty & excellence” and was said to be the equal of any of the east coast’s finest hotels.

When was the Grand Hotel Ocean City built?

03/24/2016 | Former Stowaway Motel Built In 1956 | News Ocean City MD.

Where was Runaway Bride filmed?

In 1998 Berlin was the location for the filming of Paramount’s Runaway Bride starring Richard Gere and Julia Roberts. In the movie, Berlin became the fictional town of Hale, Maryland, Maggie’s (Julia Roberts) hometown.

What is Berlin Md known for?

Welcome to Downtown Berlin Maryland Berlin was also a Top 10 Great American Main Street, twice! Our Main Street boasts over 60 retail shops, galleries, antiques 15+ dining establishments, live music venues, coffee shops, bakeries, butcher and local seafood market, sweets, antiques and more.

Is Berlin MD a good place to live?

People love living in Berlin. Downtown Berlin is relaxed, welcoming, helpful, clean, friendly, safe, caring, beautiful and alive. A place where you feel comfortable, a place where you can chat with the mayor on the porch of the Atlantic Hotel and let your children ride their bikes without worrying.

Does Hale Maryland exist?

In the movie, Berlin became the fictional town of Hale, Maryland, Maggie’s (Julia Roberts) hometown. The population of Berlin as of the 2000 census was 3,491 and current estimates place the population at about 4500.

Is the movie Runaway Bride based on a true story?

Interestingly enough, her 1999 film ‘Runaway Bride’ seems to have inspired some real life events. In 2005 a woman named Jennifer Wilbanks left her then-fiancé John Mason days before they were meant to say ‘I do’, and her story of what happened is truly wild.