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Who owns Virgin Active?

Who owns Virgin Active?

Virgin Group
Virgin Active/Parent organizations

How do I cancel my virgin subscription?

There’s two ways you can cancel your Virgin Active membership:

  1. Call 0207 717 9000.
  2. Request it via the Virgin Active online portal, under the Your Membership tab.

Can you franchise Virgin Active?

Of the larger fitness clubs in South Africa, Planet Fitness offers fully owned excellent fitness franchises, while Virgin Active does not. A franchise may be a good way in which to start a fitness gym.

Is it possible to cancel Virgin Active contract?

Yes – if you pay your monthly membership fees by debit order and you wish to cancel your membership before the expiry of your Commitment Period, then you must give us 20 business days’ written notice of termination and pay a reasonable cancellation fee plus any arrears.

How do I freeze my Virgin Active membership in South Africa?

Virgin Active These members can suspend their membership for another two months (September and October) by sending an email to [email protected] In the meantime, Virgin Active offers 350 online exercise classes to its members.

Why join a Virgin Active Club?

Join our Virgin Active academy now and get 15% off our Dynamic Reformer Pilates Instructor and Level 2 Pool Lifeguarding courses. For gyms, swims and everything in between. Each of our clubs is different, so you can find the perfect fit for you. Work at home. Work out in the city

How can manage your relationship with Virgin Active?

Manage your relationship with Virgin Active (e.g. Upgrades, freezing/unfreezing memberships, change personal details). Let us help you find and connect with the right PT from your club to suit your needs. Customised Virgin Active solutions that serve your business and teams.

Why choose Virgin activists?

With inspiring spaces and passionate people passionate about helping you feel your best, you can find your new favourite class, get inspired by an online workout or take five minutes for yourself – with us. Each an expert in their area, our Virgin Activists love what they do and love helping you feel good. The best classes in the best spaces.