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Who owns Z Energy in NZ?

Who owns Z Energy in NZ?


Number Shareholder Percent Owned
1 Aotea Energy Investments Limited 20.00%
2 New Zealand Superannuation Fund Nominees Limited 20.00%
3 National Nominees New Zealand Limited 6.37%
4 National Nominees Limited 3.51%

Is Z Energy government owned?

The Caltex-branded retail network remains independently owned and operated, with the operators setting their own retail fuel prices. Z supplies fuel to retail customers and large commercial customers like airlines, trucking companies, mines, shipping companies and vehicle fleet operators.

Does Z own Caltex?

On 1 June 2016, Chevron New Zealand, who operated the Caltex brand in New Zealand, was acquired by Z Energy Ltd, marking the growth of the country’s only Kiwi transport fuel company. Z Energy currently operates the Caltex network in New Zealand using the brand under licence from Chevron International.

How does Z Energy make money?

Any growth investments in our core business are funded from divestment proceeds rather than free cash flow. We’re experimenting with future-focused innovation to deliver distinctive customer experiences that drive loyalty of all our customers.

Who bought Caltex?

US oil company Chevron, which owns the brand, sold its 50% stake in the Australia operation in 2015. Caltex reportedly spent 18 months negotiating with Chevron, before finally deciding to go back to the Ampol brand. Ampol, formerly known as The Australian Motorists Petrol Company was founded in 1936.

Where does Z Energy get their fuel from?

New Zealand
Almost all of the fuel that Z Energy sells in New Zealand comes from overseas. Around 70% of this Fuel is made from crude oil sourced from the Middle East and Far East. Z purchases this crude from overseas suppliers and ships it to New Zealand.

How many Z stations are there in NZ?

208 Z service stations
Z is a Kiwi transport fuel company, supplying fuel to nearly half the market. We’re locally operated with a network of 208 Z service stations and approximately 150 truckstops.

Does Infratil own Z Energy?

Currently Infratil does not own any Z Energy shares and NZ Super Fund invests as a minority shareholder in Z like it does in any number of other publicly-listed NZ companies.

How many Z petrol stations are there in NZ?

Does NZ buy oil from Saudi Arabia?

“Crude oil and vehicles are among our top imports.” New Zealand imported $7.2 billion worth of vehicles, including more than 263,000 cars worth $4.5 billion, in the year ended September 2019. Key countries in the Middle East we have imported crude oil from include UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar.

When did Z Energy start?

Z Energy/Founded

Who is Z Energy?

Who is Z Energy? We’re a New Zealand company, supplying fuel to Kiwis up and down the country. The latest news hot off the press from Z for the public, media and investors. We’re searching for extraordinary leaders to join our team. Have you got the energy to do what matters?

What does Z Energy Limited’s ex-dividend date mean for shareholders?

Z Energy Limited ( NZSE:ZEL ) is about to trade ex-dividend in the next four days. The ex-dividend date occurs one day… The big shareholder groups in Z Energy Limited ( NZSE:ZEL ) have power over the company. Large companies usually have…

Is Z Energy Limited in the crosshairs of two suitors?

The focus is narrowing on Vitol Holding B.V. and Ampol Limited as the suitors circling the $1.4 billion Z Energy Limited (NZSE:ZEL). As reported by DataRoom last week, Z Energy Limited (NZSE:ZEL) is believed to be in the crosshairs of at least two suitors, and the company has drafted Goldman Sachs as its defence adviser.

What did Ampol announce about Z Energy Limited?

Ampol Limited (ASX:ALD) submitted a non-binding indicative proposal to acquire Z Energy Limited (NZSE:ZEL) for approximately NZD 2 billion. Ampol Limited (ASX:ALD) submitted a non-binding indicative proposal to acquire Z Energy Limited (NZSE:ZEL) for approximately NZD 2 billion on June 2, 2021.