Who won synchronized swimming 2012?

Who won synchronized swimming 2012?


Event Gold Silver
Team Russia (RUS) Anastasia Davydova Maria Gromova Natalia Ischenko Elvira Khasyanova Daria Korobova Aleksandra Patskevich Svetlana Romashina Alla Shishkina Angelika Timanina China (CHN) Chang Si Chen Xiaojun Huang Xuechen Jiang Tingting Jiang Wenwen Liu Ou Luo Xi Sun Wenyan Wu Yiwen

What happened to the synchronized swimmer?

The entire team is now being sent away from the Olympic Village and transferred to a separate hotel, the Hellenic Olympic Committee said. The bad news came as the athletes’ sport, officially called artistic swimming, was just entering its first days of competition.

Which country is best at synchronized swimming?

The United States, Canada and Japan have traditionally been the strongest nations in the sport, winning the Olympic medals from 1984 through 1996, but Russia has recently dominated, winning every event between 2000 and 2016.

Who won synchronized swimming?

Svetlana Romashina
TOKYO, Aug 7 (Reuters) – With a high-powered, tightly-swum routine, Svetlana Romashina claimed a seventh Olympic gold medal with her Russian team as they won the synchronised swimming final on Saturday to continue a golden run stretching back to the 2000 Sydney Games.

How long can Synchronized swimmers hold breath?

Competitors need strength and flexibility to perform twists and lifts as well as rhythm and flair to synchronise and interpret the music, which they listen to through underwater speakers. Swimmers commonly hold their breath underwater for around a minute, but sometimes between two and three minutes.

Can synchronized swimmers touch the bottom of the pool?

Synchronized Swimmers Do Not Touch the Bottom of the Pool During a performance, while swimmers are completing gravity-defying moves, they are not touching the bottom of the pool. They practice and compete in at least 9 feet of water or deeper.

Who won the 2021 synchronized swimming?

Romashina and her partner Svetlana Kolesnichenko won the competition with a final score of 195.9079. That was over three points better than China in second place. The synchronized swimming duet discipline is much like figure skating in the Winter Olympics.

Can you touch the bottom of the pool in synchronized swimming?

Can synchronized swimmers hear the music underwater?

Synchronised swimmers can hear the music underwater through underwater speakers that are connected to the main sound system above the water. A test on all the Olympic sports before the London 2012 Olympic Games concluded that synchronised swimmers ranked second only to long distance runners in aerobic capacity!