Why are aerial fireworks illegal in California?

Why are aerial fireworks illegal in California?

Fireworks are illegal in certain areas of California because each year serious injuries and millions of dollars in property loss occur from wildfires sparked by fireworks. Large grass crops and dry vegetation increase the threat for devastating fires throughout all of California. Remember fireworks spark fires.

What kind of fireworks are legal in California?

Fireworks that are legal in California include ground and handheld sparkling devices, cylindrical and cone fountains, wheel and ground spinners, and illuminating torches. Fireworks for sale must appear on the approved list issued annually by the State Fire Marshall’s office.

Are all fireworks illegal in California?

Although California strictly prohibits the discharge, possession, sale, manufacturing, and advertising of fireworks without a valid license or permit, cities may adopt their own regulations on “safe and sane” fireworks. Cotati: All fireworks are banned.

How much is the fine for illegal fireworks in California?

Under California Health and Safety Code Fireworks Penalties, Section 12700(B), a person in possession of unaltered dangerous fireworks in violation of the State Fireworks Law is punishable as a misdemeanor or a public offense with fines ranging from $500 to more than $50,000, depending on the gross weight of unaltered …

How late can you shoot fireworks in California?

“Safe and sane” fireworks can be used from 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM on July 1-3. On July 4, they are allowed to be used until 11:00 PM. Fireworks are only allowed on private property. “Safe and sane” fireworks are only allowed on private property.

Do they sell fireworks in California?

Fireworks that are legal in California. Subject to local restrictions, safe and sane fireworks may be sold, purchased, and used by the general public. But only licensed retailers can sell them and they can do so only from June 28 to July 6 each year.

Are m80 fireworks illegal?

M-80s and other salutes are not legal in California. The State Fireworks Law of 1973 allows only “safe and sane” fireworks to be sold to consumers. Their construction remains unregulated, and they contain far higher amounts of explosive powders than what is legally allowed in a consumer firework.

What are finale racks and aerial fireworks?

Aerial fireworks are large, colorful fireworks that propel effects into the sky from a single mortar tube, or several mortar tubes fused together. Finale racks are multi-shot aerial fireworks which can have a number of mortar tubes inside. Typically, there are 9 shots and each one varies in color and effects.

What is a 200200 Gram repeater fireworks?

200 gram repeaters are multi-shot aerial fireworks that are pre-loaded into tubes.They are smaller than the 500 gram repeaters, but they are unmatched with the phenomenal effects. Mortar kits have launching tubes that are attached to a base to help keep the tube level on the ground. Consumers have to load the tubes individually with the shells.

How many shots of fireworks are in a typical show?

Typically, there are 9 shots and each one varies in color and effects. They are considered to be the best part of the show as they are the biggest and loudest fireworks that end the show with a bang. These will display a wide range of colors and effects to really get your neighbors to say ooh and aah.

What are non-aerial fireworks and how do they work?

Fountains are the most popular non-aerial firework. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They don’t shoot into the air and don’t generally make loud bangs like aerial fireworks do.