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Why are my headlights stuck on high beams?

Why are my headlights stuck on high beams?

Headlight Switch is Broken It may get stuck in position for the high beams or the switch could wear out and simply not turn the headlights on at all. If the switch is bad, replacing it with a new OEM headlight switch is typically the best answer.

Why are only my high beams working?

Most headlight failures that are limited to just high or low beams are related to a relay or the high beam control switch. Headlights work but seem dim. The cause: Foggy lenses, worn out bulbs, or a charging system issue. The fix: Clean the lenses, replace the bulbs, or repair the charging system.

Why won’t my bright lights go off?

Bad Relays If a bad headlight relay is a reason your headlights won’t turn off, the fix is to replace the relay. In the event that swapping relays doesn’t work, the problem may be a bad headlight switch, multifunction switch, or light sensor, and the diagnostic procedure will be more complex.

What would cause headlights not to work?

The likely cause is a fuse, headlight relay, headlight switch, dimmer switch or a wiring fault. About the only cause that is an easy fix is a blown fuse. Consult your owner’s manual to locate the main fuse for the headlight circuit and replace that fuse with one having the same amp rating.

Why do my headlights stay on when the car is off?

There are a few reasons why your headlights may continue to stay lit when the car is turned off. The first culprit could be a problem in the body control module in an automatic headlight control system that has been installed in the vehicle. A malfunctioning headlight relay may prevent the headlights from turning off.

What are dipped headlights?

Dipped lights are the brightest lights your car has that won’t dazzle other road users. Therefore, as a rule to remember, always use them when visibility is poor e.g at dusk or night time, and in bad weather. Move up to main beam headlights when you cannot see any other road users in front of you.

How do you switch your headlights from dipped to main beam?

How to Switch Headlights from Dipped to Main beam

  1. Switch on the ignition or power up the car.
  2. Switch on the headlights.
  3. Push the left lever away from you to activate main beam and pull the left lever back towards you to deactivate main beam.