Why could Charley not reach Galesburg?

Why could Charley not reach Galesburg?

Answer Expert Verified Charley prepared to go to Galesburg by buying old currency notes from a coin dealer; he bought less than two hundred old-style bills by paying three hundred new currency bills. However, Charley could not find the third level in spite of so much effort.

Who is Jenny in Death of a Salesman?

In the play Death of a Salesman, Jenny is the secretary of Willy’s Loman’s next-door neighbor, Charley. When Willy goes to meet Charley at his office…

What does Linda call happy?

Linda claims that Biff and Happy are ungrateful. She calls Happy a “philandering bum.” Angry and guilt-ridden, Biff offers to stay home and get a job to help with expenses.

What is the role of the woman in Death of a Salesman?

“Death of a Salesman” explores how problematic this ideology is not only to the family, but to personal identity and to women, specifically. Benn’s character, Linda, plays a large role in that. She plays the role of mother, wife and caretaker, but she fulfills so much more than that for the characters and for the plot.

Who is the woman in the story Death of a Salesman?

She and Linda, the only two female characters, are presented as foils. While Linda epitomizes security and domesticity, the Woman stands for the fantasy life that Willy constantly thinks of as superior to what he actually has. The Woman’s symbolic role is more important than her actual identity.

What was Willy’s problem?

Willy’s problem is his personality, or lack of it: he’s like a cancer within his family. He refuses to see his weaknesses, blaming his son Biff for them instead.

What is Willy’s dream?

Willy Loman’s dream is to become a great man. He believes that a job in salesmanship is the way to accomplish this. He wishes to reinvent himself into a man who receives respect and is looked at with admiration. He believes that gaining riches will be a way to earn the respect and admiration he craves.

What does Linda represent in Death of a Salesman?

Linda is Willy’s doting wife. She refuses to see through her husband’s lies. This is a woman on a mission: protect Willy’s emotions and dreams. Part of her nature is the result of naïveté; Linda doesn’t know the full picture here, from Willy’s finances to his job to his mistress.

What was Sam’s answer to Charley’s strange experience in the third level?

What was Sam’s answer to Charley’s dilemma? Ans. Charley met his psychiatrist friend Sam and told him about this experience. The psychiatrist interpreted it as a mental disorder.