Why does svidrigailov let Dunya go?

Why does svidrigailov let Dunya go?

Svidrigailov does not rush Dunya; instead, he gives her all the time she needs in order to reload the pistol. He is willing to let Dunya kill him. Svidrigailov feels that this is a good sign. He takes her in his arms and asks her if she can love him.

What is Katerina’s relationship to marmeladov?

Sofya Semyonovna Marmeladov (“Sonya,” “Sonechka”) Raskolnikov’s love and Marmeladov’s daughter. Sonya is forced to prostitute herself to support herself and the rest of her family. She is meek and easily embarrassed, but she maintains a strong religious faith.

What do Katerina Ivanovna’s reactions to marmeladov’s death say about her character?

What do Katerina Ivanovna’s reactions to Marmeladov’s death say about her character? She loves her children very much, I’d say more than anything. She’s always resented him for ruining them, but at the same time she still shows some compassion for him in his last moments so she’s caring/compassionate.

Does svidrigailov kill himself?

Remember that Svidrigailov tells Raskolnikov that he can either fess up, or kill himself. Raskolnikov fessed up, Svidrigailov killed himself. Sonia is there to offer Raskolnikov hope for the future and help him during his suffering and repentance. Svidrigailov lost the person he maybe believed would do that for him.

How long is Raskolnikov’s sentence to labor in Siberia?

eight years

What does the psychologist at Raskolnikov’s trial say about him?

What did the psychologists at Raskolnikov’s trial say about him? He is a cold-blooded killer. He should be kept separate from normal people. He was temporarily insane.

Does Raskolnikov feel remorse for killing Alyona and Lizaveta?

He feels little remorse for the actual murder or death of Alyona, but instead resents the old pawnbroker as being so low that her very vileness spoils his theory. At the end of the chapter, he wonders why he always thinks of Alyona and not of Lizaveta whom he also murdered.

What were some ironic circumstances about the brunch?

What were some ironic circumstances about the brunch? It is ironic how the people at the brunch were all people that Katerina Ivanovna did not know and that the people she really wanted to be present, did not make an effort to show up, which displeased her.

How does Raskolnikov justify his crime?

Raskolnikov is also shown trying to justify his crime by saying that his crime was only a breaking of the law and that his conscience was clear which shows that he is still in denial about the evil he had carried out.

Who is praskovya Pavlovna daughter?

Natalya Yegorovna

Why did Raskolnikov kill Lizaveta?

As a pledge of their mutual faith they exchange crosses. When Raskolnikov kills Lizaveta, he also kills that which Sonia represents in his psyche. will is autonomous, that his ego can reconstruct the universe as it wishes.

Why does svidrigailov offer to pay for Katerina’s funeral?

First, by offering to pay for the funeral and provide for Katerina’s children, he frees Sonya from the overwhelming burden of caring for them, just as Razumikhin’s willingness to care for Pulcheria Alexandrovna and Dunya enables Raskolnikov to separate himself from them without feeling that he is abandoning them.

Is Raskolnikov a nihilist?

Raskolnikov lives hypocritically: As a nihilist, he cares nothing for others’ feelings or social conventions, but as a conflicted human, he demands propriety from others.

How does Katerina Ivanovna die?

Unfortunately on the day of Mr. Marmeladov’s funeral Katerina Ivanovna tragically dies from consumption bleeding after falling on the road. Her three children become orphans.

Who is Lebeziatnikov in crime and punishment?

Andrei Semyonovich Lebezyatnikov is a caricature rather than a character. He epitomizes those individuals in 19th century Russia who espoused similar progressive ideas and theories.

Why does Luzhin marry Dunya?

Dunya has apparently decided to sacrifice her own happiness by marrying Luzhin for his money, so that her brother can continue his university studies. Luzhin has offered to marry her, because Luzhin wants a wife who has suffered poverty, and who has no dowry, so that he will not be under any obligation to her.

What does Sonya tell Raskolnikov he must do after confessing to her?

Raskolnikov uses this tool as a murder weapon. What does Sonya tell Raskolnikov he must do after confessing to her? confess, accept suffering, and atone for his sins. What does the rapist do after giving away his money?

What causes Katerina to go insane and what does she do that makes Lebeziatnikov seek out Sonia?

What causes Katerina to go insane, and what does she do that makes Lebeziatnikov seek out Sonia? Katerina has been evicted from her apartment, has gone mad, and is now wandering madly around the town with the children dressed in outlandish and absurd costumes. She is forcing them to sing and beg from strangers.

Is Raskolnikov a sociopath?

Svidrigailov epit- omizes evil and in some ways the “idealized image” that Raskolnikov seeks to liberate. He is sociopathic. He sexually assaults a young girl who then commits suicide. Also, he drives his servant to suicide and murders his wife, Marfa Petrovna.

Do you think Raskolnikov’s actions are a result of isolation?

Raskolnikov feels alienated from others at the beginning of the story because of his narcissism. After he murders Alyona and her sister, Raskolnikov begins to realize that he is not superior, but his guilt and fear of consequences cause him to further isolate himself.

What new information is given about the items Raskolnikov pawned?

What new information is given about the items Raskolnikov pawned? The ring was his sister’s, and a keepsake to him. The watch is the only item left the family owns from his father (168).