Why is my Dell docking station not working?

Why is my Dell docking station not working?

Verify if the device is detected in Windows Device Manager and that the correct device drivers are installed. Ensure that the docking station is connected securely to the notebook laptop. Try to disconnect and reconnect the docking station to the laptop. Check the USB ports.

How do I fix my docking station?

Here’s what you can do: Reset the device – While un-docked you can reset the device by holding the power button for 30 seconds, and after it turns off, hold the volume-up button AND power button at the same time for 15 seconds.

How do I know if my Dell docking station is working?

Confirm Software Connection

  1. Click on the bottom right arrow to show the ThunderBolt Software Icon.
  2. Click on View Attached Devices.
  3. Click on the one that says Dell Thunderbolt Dock/Cable.
  4. Confirm it says Connected where Connection Status is.
  5. If it doesn’t. Double click on Not Connected.
  6. Change the setting to Always Connect.

How do I reset my Dell docking station WD19?

Dock Reset Procedure:

  1. Remove the dock USB-C or Thunderbolt cable from the computer.
  2. Unplug AC power from the WD19 series dock.
  3. Drain any remaining power to the dock by holding the power button for 30 s.
  4. Plug AC power into the dock.
  5. The dock LED on the power button should blink three (3) times.

Can a docking station go bad?

USB ports do go bad and it seems that their shelf life may be far shorter than the devices they support. Check out your warranty to see if the docking station could be replaced.

How long does a docking station last?

They are typically around and usable for five years or so. They’re standardized for a while. You can use the same docking station, as long as you are upgrading on the same model and manufacturer.

How do I update my WD19 firmware?

Download the WD19 driver and firmware update from Connect the dock to the system and start the tool in administrative mode. Wait for all the information to be entered in the various Graphical User Interface (GUI) panes. Update and Exit buttons are displayed in the bottom-right corner.

How do you troubleshoot a Dell docking station WD19TB?

Make sure the Dell Thunderbolt Docking Station WD19TB is connected properly to its adapter (240 W). Make sure the cable LED of your docking station is ON. Disconnect and then reconnect the USB-C cable to your laptop….

1. USB-C 3.1 Gen1
2. USB 3.1 Gen1
3. Headphone/Microphone Combo (WD19TB only)