Why is Okonkwo almost happy again?

Why is Okonkwo almost happy again?

Okonkwo is almost happy again, despite the fact that his clan did not agree to kill the Christians or drive them away. Even so, he and the rest of the villagers are on their guard, and for the next two days they arm themselves with guns and machetes.

What illness does Ezinma contract?

Ezinma is also a favorite of Okonkwo, and because of her spirit and cleverness, he sometimes wishes that she had been born a boy. Now she lies suffering with fever while Okonkwo gathers leaves, grasses, and barks for medicine.

What is Ekwefi’s story about?

Ekwefi is Okonkwo’s second wife. Once a village beauty, she ran away from her home and husband to marry Okonkwo. She was smitten with Okonkwo when he beat the notorious Cat in a legendary wrestling match. Regardless, Ekwefi is the most spirited of Okonkwo’s wives and frequently stands up to him and talks back.

Who was Ajofia?

Ajofia was the leading egwugwu of Umuofia. He was the head and spokesman of the nine (family relatives or things that existed long, long ago) who given/gave justice in the group of people. His voice was absolutely clear and so he was able to bring immediate peace to the upset/angry spirits.

Why was Okonkwo worried for nwoye?

Okonkwo’s anxiety about Nwoye’s laziness relates directly to Okonkwo’s disappointment in his father, Unoka, who had lived a life of unproductivity. To prevent Nwoye from taking after Unoka, Okonkwo resorts to verbal and physical violence. Okonkwo’s treatment seems to alienate and sadden Nwoye more than motivate him.

Why didn’t the birds help the tortoise?

The birds do not want Tortoise to join them at the feast in the sky because it is a time of famine. Tortoise is cunning and ungrateful. Tortoise is able to fly because the birds give him feathers to make wings.

Who leads the Egwugwu of Umuofia?

Each of the nine egwugwu represented a village of the clan. Their leader was called Evil Forest. Smoke poured out of his head. The nine villages of Umuofia had grown out of the nine sons of the first father of the clan.

What is an Egwugwu?

According to tradition, any village ancestor who has been buried in the earth returns during an annual ceremony as an egwugwu. In reality, an egwugwu is a clansman wearing a mask representing an ancestor who has come back from the dead.

What does nwoye symbolize in things fall apart?

Nwoye is Okonkwo’s eldest son who Okonkwo considers irredeemably effeminate and very much like his father, Unoka. As a child, Nwoye is the frequent object of his father’s criticism and remains emotionally unfulfilled. Neither father nor son is unable to see and understand the other on his own terms.