Why PhD in VLSI?

Why PhD in VLSI?

Thanks Ph.D. in VLSI Admission Process Keeping in view the long tradition of academic excellence, the following institutional goals have been laid for doctoral research: To develop deep and broad understanding of fundamentals and state of the art of knowledge in the chosen field through courses and self-study,

Which is the best research domain in VLSI?

Systems design is the best possible research domain in VLSI. The resources you need are affordable and there is a scope for research because this relatively a new area. System Design involves processor design especially application specific.

Is there any scope for VLSI Research in the future?

Coming to circuits, the traditional VLSI research area is highly explored in the last decade and to be fair enough has a very little scope left unless you are speaking about an application specific design. It is not a bad idea at all to do research in Analog CMOS design especially in power management.

How to make a reliable and working VLSI design project?

To make a reliable and working model the idea of the VLSI design project ( i.e speech processing application, biomedical monitoring system etc) needs to be implemented and re-implemented, re-tested and improvised. The there are many development cycles and techniques available which eases up the implementation like: