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Can you connect Philips Hue lights to TV?

Can you connect Philips Hue lights to TV?

The Philips Hue Play HDMI Sync Box lets you create an entertainment setup that wows by syncing Philips Hue lights to the content on your TV screen. Use up to four of your favourite HDMI-connected media devices to get full-room light effects, making your TV or console gaming content more vivid and captivating.

Does Hue sync work with smart TV?

Smart TVs that have built-in apps for streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime do not work with the sync box — you need to have the content pass through the sync box in order for light syncing to work. Any HDMI streaming device works with the sync box, including (but not limited to): Apple TV.

Does Philips Hue work with Samsung TV?

You can connect your Philips Hue lights to any Samsung device with the SmartThings app. To get control over all your other smart devices and pair them with your lights, use the SmartThings Hub.

Do you need Hue bridge for Lightstrip?

Philips Hue indoor lightstrips work with either Bluetooth or a Hue Bridge — whichever you choose, you’ll be able to control your LED strips with the Hue app, smart accessories, or your voice. The Philips Hue outdoor lightstrip, however, requires a Hue Bridge.

How do I connect my Philips Hue to my Samsung TV?

Connect Philips Hue with Samsung SmartThings Hub

  1. From the home screen, tap the Plus (+) icon.
  2. Tap Device and sort by brand.
  3. Tap Philips Hue.
  4. Tap Philips Hue with a SmartThings Hub.
  5. Tap Start.
  6. Select the SmartThings Hub you want to use.
  7. Select a Location and Room and tap Next.
  8. Wait for the app to discover your Hue Bridge.

How do I set up Hue on my smart TV?

To do this, simply plug the Sync Box into power, make sure that all the HDMI inputs that you’d like to use are plugged in, and ensure that the Sync Box is then plugged into your TV via HDMI. Once all that is done, tap “Yes.” If it’s set up correctly, your Hue Sync Box’s front LED should be blinking blue.

Can you sync Philips Hue to Samsung TV?

Can you use Philips Hue with Samsung SmartThings?

When you use Philips Hue with Samsung SmartThings, you can control and automate all of your smart home devices — doorbells, blinds, smart plugs, Philips Hue lights, and more — simultaneously from the Samsung SmartThings app.

How do I get Philips Hue to work with SmartThings?

What is the Philips Hue light strip?

A new Philips Hue lightstrip is on the way, and this one is meant to be mounted to the back of your TV where it can flash and glow along with whatever’s on-screen.

What are the benefits of Hue lightstrip plus?

BEAUTIFUL, OPTIMAL DESIGN: The coating around the Lightstrip helps to create a single, bright, and vibrant colored light across the entire strip for a more aesthetically pleasing Smart Home. ULTIMATE ENTERTAINMENT EXPERIENCE: Sync your hue lightstrip plus with Gaming, Music and Movies using your PC via the Hue Sync app.

How many lights can you connect to a hue light strip?

HASSLE-FREE CONNECTIVITY: These smart lightstrips are bluetooth-enabled and simple to connect. Control up to 50 smart lights on 1 Hue Hub without clogging up your Wi-Fi network. HOW TO USE: Install the flexible Bluetooth LightStrip under bars, bed frames, or cabinets, with the included adhesive tape.

What is the Philips Hue play Gradient lightstrip?

The Hue line has a number of lightstrips already, but this new one — called the Philips Hue Play gradient lightstrip — can display different colors across different segments of the strip, whereas the old ones were limited to a single color. That’s supposed to allow for a much more immersive effect when mounted to your TV.