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How do I use podcast app on iPhone?

How do I use podcast app on iPhone?

The Podcasts app for iOS provides easy access to popular and featured podcasts using the navigation icons at the bottom of the app. To subscribe to a podcast, tap Subscribe on the page for that podcast. To play a podcast, tap on any episode. To download an episode, tap the iCloud icon in the episode list.

How do I navigate Apple podcasts?

You need to update to the latest version of iOS or iPadOS to use Apple Podcasts on your devices.

  1. Open the Podcasts app.
  2. Browse or search for a show. Need help finding the shows that you like?
  3. Tap the show to see its information page.
  4. Tap the Follow button .

How do you manage Podcasts?

While you listen to a podcast, at the bottom, tap the episode. Set a timer or tap End of this episode. Tap Start….Do more with Google Podcasts

  1. On your Android phone or tablet, open Google Podcasts .
  2. At the bottom, tap Library.
  3. At the top right, tap Edit .
  4. To unsubscribe from:

How do I listen to a podcast on my iPhone without using data?

If you intend to listen to podcasts on your iPhone without using data, a good choice for you is to download podcasts on your iPhone while your device is connected to Wi-Fi, then enjoy them offline.

How do I change the podcast settings on my iPhone?

Go to Settings > Podcasts. Turn on Remove Played Downloads (under Episode Downloads). Or, to adjust this setting for a particular podcast you follow, touch and hold the show’s artwork on the Library screen, tap Settings, then turn on Remove Played Downloads.

How do I listen to a podcast?

How to listen to podcasts on an Android phone or tablet

  1. Tap on the Google Podcasts app to open it.
  2. Tap the Search button to look for podcasts that might interest you, or scroll down to the Top Podcasts and Trending sections to browse what’s available.
  3. When you find a podcast that you want to listen to, tap on its icon.

Why are my apple podcasts temporarily unavailable?

The issue is that with new software updates to the iPhone or iPod the podcast files must also be updated. Apparently part of the podcast download file needs to be re-written in order to be compatible with the newest Apple software update.

Why can’t I hear my podcasts on iPhone?

Go to Settings > Sounds (or Settings > Sounds & Haptics), and drag the Ringer and Alerts slider back and forth a few times. If you can’t hear any sound or if your speaker button on the Ringer and Alerts slider is dimmed, your speaker may need servicing. Contact Apple Support for iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

How do I clear podcasts from my iPhone?

Deleting Multiple Episodes

  1. Open the Podcasts App.
  2. Open My Podcasts.
  3. Select the Podcast That You Want to Trim Down.
  4. Tap on Edit (This will show you the episodes in list form. Check all the ones that you want to delete)
  5. Tap on Delete.

Are podcasts on iPhone free?

Apple Podcasts is available for free in over 170 countries and regions on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, Apple Watch, Apple TV, HomePod and HomePod mini, CarPlay, iTunes on Windows, and other smart speakers and car systems.

How do I download podcasts from my iPhone?

Tap the podcast to view its Details page and then tap the “Download” icon next to the episode you want to download. You can also select the “Subscribe” button to receive the most recent episodes in your podcast feed. When the download is complete, it appears in the My Podcasts section of the Podcasts app.

How to subscribe to a podcast on the iPhone?

Open the “Podcasts” app on your iPhone or iPad.

  • Head over to the “Browse” section to find the podcasts that you like or the ones you usually listen to. Tap on any of the podcasts that you want to
  • Tap on the “Subscribe” option to make sure you’re notified when a new episode is available. Upon subscribing,the most recent episode will be added to
  • Now,head over to the “Library” section to see a grid view of all the shows you’ve added. Tap on any of the podcasts that are displayed here.
  • How to add podcasts to iPhone?

    Launch Podcasts.

  • Go to Library.
  • Tap on Edit.
  • Select Add a Podcast by URL.
  • Type in or paste the URL into the text box.
  • Click Subscribe.
  • Where do you find podcasts on iPhone?

    There are a few ways to find podcasts in the Podcasts app. Launch the Podcasts app from your Home screen. Tap Search in the menu at the bottom of your screen. Type in the name or genre of the podcast you’re looking for. Tap Search on the bottom right of your keyboard.