Is Nagare hisui dead?

Is Nagare hisui dead?

He has the ability to channel himself through a green bird named Kotosaka, and used him as a medium for communication. With the Gold King’s death, he is the strongest King, in terms of influence and power, among the seven Kings….

Nagare Hisui
Previous Occupation King
Personal Status
Status Deceased

Does Neko like Yashiro?

Neko, speaking to Yashiro Isana and Nagare Hisui. She is extremely attached to Yashiro Isana and is responsible for altering his memories, as well as those of the Ashinaka High School student body.

Is Mikoto dead?

Reisi stabs Mikoto in the chest with his saber in order to prevent the Red Sword from reaching the ground. After apologizing to Anna, Mikoto dies and his Sword of Damocles disappears.

Who killed Tatara Totsuka in K project?

One night, he was shot and killed by the Colorless King, which eventually resulted in HOMRA’s manhunt for his murderer. Unaware to him, his death was staged by Nagare Hisui as part of “his game”. Which makes Nagare the one responsible for Tatara’s death.

Who is the colorless King K project?

The Colorless King (無色の王, Mushiki no Ō) is the Seventh and Colorless King. He is a white, fox-like entity whose personal goal is to become the strongest, and only King….

Colorless King
English Voice Lucien Dodge (Adolf K. Weismann’s Body) Sam Riegel (Yashiro Isana’s Body)
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Who is the new red king?

After embracing the truth, Anna becomes the new Red King, destroying the cage she has been locked in and reinforcing the auras of Yata and Kusanagi, the entire room overflowing with Annas intense aura, and even destroying nearby windows, her Sword of Damocles appearing between the two giant struts of the tower, aweing …

How does Nagare address Shiro and neko at the end?

Shiro and Neko make their ways to the room deep underground holding the slate, Nagare addresses Shiro by both his names, Adolf K. Weismann and Yashiro Isana, admitting that he never thought they would make it this far.

What happened to Neko and Kukuri?

Neko ultimately decides to leave it as it is for the time being and says “goodbye” to the place, otherwise known as her “home”. After a war breaks out between the Red and Blue Clans, the trio manages to find Kukuri and bring her to safety.

What happens at the end of nagare vs the fog?

Munakata swipes away the fog, revealing the true master mind behind Nagare’s animalistic, overconfident nature, the Sixth and Gray King Seigō Ōtori under the alias of Tenkei Iwafune. As Nagare declares his victory, Neko and Kuroh attempt to make out what going on in the fog.

What does Munakata reveal about Nagare?

Munakata reveals Nagare’s past, as he was once a survivor of the Kagutsu crater incident and had lost his heart, only barely being sustained by the Slate, calling Nagare to be nothing but a toy with a dead battery and a corpse.