Is nairobi Diaries real or acted?

Is nairobi Diaries real or acted?

Nairobi Diaries is a Kenyan reality television series that premiered on 14 December 2015 on K24.

Why did Nairobi diaries end?

Speculation has been rife as to whether the show, which features Nairobi socialites and celebs in their day-to-day life, went under due to payment issues. However, our investigations have it that there could be payment differences that could see the show switch to a different station – if it is to air at all.

Who is Bridget Achieng?

The history of Kenya’s entertainment industry in the last 10 years or more would be incomplete without Bridget Achieng. She is a reality TV star and YouTuber in Kenya and she is also popular across the continent and beyond with loads of controversy surrounding her.

Who is Mishi Dorah?

Mishi Dorah became a household name when she was featured in Nairobi Diaries. Nairobi Diaries is a Kenyan reality television series that premiered on 14 December 2015 on K24. The reality TV star has also featured in a Nollywood movie titled Naked Covenant. Apart from being an actress, she is a businesswoman.

What did Bridget Achieng do?

Kenyan socialite Bridget Achieng has addressed the alleged murder of 17-year-old Steven Munga alias Shanty who succumbed to head injuries after being beaten by unknown men during the Nai Fest concert held on November 7th, 2020, at the Ngong Racecourse.

What happened to Mishi Dora?

The reality TV star confirmed that she was in a relationship with Rayvanny and even got pregnant for the Wasafi singer. However, she suffered a miscarriage when she got involved in an accident that caused her hip bone to break. Mishi Dorah parted ways with Rayvanny.

How old is Mishi?

50 years (June 28, 1971)
Mishi Khan/Age

Who is Amber Ray?

Amber Ray is a renowned Kenyan socialite, commercial model and fashion consultant best known for her flamboyant lifestyle.

How old is Bridget Achieng?

Bridget is 28 years old. She was born in July 2021.