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What is a Bristow procedure?

What is a Bristow procedure?

The Bristow procedure was originally described by Helfet in 1958, describing it after his mentor – Walter Rowley Bristow. The procedure involves transferring the tip of the coracoid with the conjoined tenon under the subscapularis, so that it acts as an anterior stabiliser.

Is Latarjet procedure painful?

Arthroscopic Latarjet procedure is an efficient and reliable approach for the treatment of shoulder instability. Nevertheless, the screws fixing the bone block may sometimes be responsible for pain and uncomfortable snapping in the shoulder that is triggered during active external rotation.

What is a coracoid process transfer?

In this open surgery technique, also known as the Latarjet procedure, your surgeon transfers a piece of bone from your shoulder blade to the front of your shoulder socket. This helps hold the ball in the socket of the shoulder joint and provides extra protection against continual dislocation of the joint.

What is Eden Hybinette?

The Eden-Hybinette procedure is an option for treatment in patients with glenohumeral bone loss greater than 40% of the glenoid. Iliac crest bone graft is fashioned and secured to the glenoid defect. This has been a successful option in cases of failed Latarjet with 79% good or excellent results.

How successful is Latarjet procedure?

A larger scale study with 180 arthroscopic Latarjet procedures found that patient-reported outcomes have 91% excellent scores and 9% good at 26 months (5). However, the long term outcomes of arthroscopic Latarjet procedure have not been fully studied previously.

What is arthroscopic Bankart repair?

Arthroscopic bankart repair overview This arthroscopic shoulder surgery is used to repair a detached labrum. The labrum is a thick band of cartilage attached to the glenoid. It lines the shoulder socket and helps keep the ball of the humerus in place.

Where is coracoid process?

scapular neck
The coracoid process is a hook-shaped bone structure projecting anterolaterally from the superior aspect of the scapular neck.

What is Capsulorrhaphy shoulder?

A capsulorrhaphy is a surgical procedure that repairs and tightens the shoulder capsule, (the connective tissue around the shoulder) to help stabilize the ball and socket. The procedure tightens the essential ligaments that provide stability to the shoulder joint.

How do you take bone graft from iliac crest?

The different methods for harvesting iliac bone graft include curettage, trapdoor or splitting techniques for cancellous bone, and the subcrestal-window technique for bicortical graft. A tricortical graft from the anterior ilium should be taken at least 3 cm posterior to the anterior superior iliac spine (ASIS).

What is Latarjet shoulder procedure?

The Latarjet procedure is a technique used to restore stability to the shoulder joint. Developed by a French surgeon in the 1950s, it is commonly performed when there is significant bone loss in the front of the glenoid (the shallow socket in the shoulder blade) from repeat dislocations.