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What is the mileage of jeeto?

What is the mileage of jeeto?

The Jeeto diesel mileage is claimed at 33 kmpl.

Is Mahindra jeeto petrol or diesel?

Technical Specification

Specifications Jeeto Plus Petrol
Engine Displacement Capacity 625 cm 3
Engine Type Four Stroke-Positive ignition, Petrol engine
Engine – Number of Cylinder 1
Max Power 17.3 kW @ 4000 r/min

What is the mileage of Mahindra jeeto CNG?

Key Specifications of Jeeto Plus CNG BS-VI

Number of Tyre 4
Mileage 37
Engine 625 cc
Fuel Tank 45 Ltr
Payload 650 Kgs

What is the top speed of Mahindra jeeto?

60 kmph

ARAI Mileage (Certified) 26 kmpl
Top Speed 60 kmph
Engine cc (Displacement) 625 cc
Number of Gears 4 Forward and 1 Reverse
Maximum Power 16 HP @ 3200 rpm

What is the load capacity of Mahindra jeeto?

715 kg
Jeeto Plus comes with an increased payload capacity of 715 kg and cargo length of 7.4 feet….Mahindra introduces new & advanced variant – ‘Jeeto Plus’ to its mini-truck range.

Model Jeeto Plus
Fuel Tank Capacity (Litres) 10.5L
Gross Vehicle Weight (kg) 1445 kg
Payload (kg) 715 kg
Wheel Base (mm) 2500mm

How many types of jeeto Mahindra are there?

Variants. The Jeeto pickup comes in three series namely S, L and X series. The S series has two options, both with a deck length of 5.5 feet and payload of 600 kg, the difference being in the engine option of 11 HP and 16 HP only.

What is the price of Tata Magic?

What is the price range of Tata Magic? Tata Magic has 2 variants wherein price range falls between ₹ 4.75 Lacs to ₹ 4.95 Lacs.

What is the capacity of Tata ACE?

It has a permissible loading capacity of 750 kg (1650 lb). It is equipped with a four-speed manual gearbox and has a top speed of 60 km/h (37 mph). The Ace HT has a modern cabin compared to its three-wheeler rivals. It is best suited for carrying goods over short distances.

What is the mileage of Mahindra Alfa?

28.9 km
Mahindra Alfa Mileage: Mahindra claims the fuel mileage of 28.9 km on this passenger carrier. Alfa is an 835 kg of gross vehicle weight 3W with a maximum speed of 54 kmph and a turning radius of 1750 mm.

What is the price of Mahindra Jeeto minivan in India?

45 lakhs. The Jeeto Minivan plays a crucial part in Mahindra garnering their one-fifth of the small commercial vehicle portion and its van iteration will only look to build on its success. It has almost same features and design like the Jeeto LCV.

What are the wheelbase variants of Mahindra Jeeto?

Mahindra Jeeto is available in three wheelbase variants – 2250 mm, 2375 mm, and 2500 mm. It has a deck body with no cabin. Also, of the total GVW of 1485 kg, this mini truck can carry payloads up to 700 kg which speaks of its efficiency.

Why Mahindra Jeeto is the most popular truck in India?

Mahindra Jeeto is one of the most popular truck brands in India, this tiny truck helps millions of transport operators deliver their cargo to the customers. A strong alternative and a step upgrade to a three-wheeler, Jeeto offers the benefits of a four-wheeler truck.

What is the fuel tank capacity of Mahindra Jeeto mini truck?

Ans. Mahindra Jeeto Mini Truck is available in Diesel variants and its fuel tank capacity is 10.5 litres. Que. What is the Mahindra Jeeto Mini Truck GVW?