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What realization does junior make when he excitedly opens his geometry book?

What realization does junior make when he excitedly opens his geometry book?

What realization does Junior make when he excitedly opens his geometry book? His mother’s name was in the book, she must’ve been Junior’s age.

Do you think rowdy and Junior will remain friends?

Rowdy compares Junior to a nomad because he left the reservation and thinks he will continue moving. This final line signifies that it doesn’t matter who wins or loses, all that matters is the game. We think Rowdy and Junior will remain friends because they can’t live without each other.

Who is Junior’s best friend?


What does Arnold Spirit look like?

Arnold has an enormous skull, huge hands and feet but in contrast to that his body is very skinny. He says he looks like an “vegetable”. On his head he wears thick, black und ugly glasses. Additionally, his eyes are lopsided.

How is Junior a dynamic character?

Junior is the main character and protagonist. He is a round and dynamic character because throughout the book he changes; he turns his life completely around. “I draw because words are too unpredictable.

What is the significance of junior and rowdy playing one on one without keeping score?

The basketball court is Junior’s soul or his canvass for identity and both forces, Junior and Rowdy, compete and go back and forth in a game where there is “no score.” This point is huge. The fact that neither keeps score shows that there is a mutual respect for one another.

What does rowdy say about Junior leaving the reservation?

By leaving the reservation, Junior has the chance to achieve something greater and to pursue his dreams, because the education available on the reservation is of poor quality. Rowdy criticizes his friend for leaving the reservation for school because Rowdy feels abandoned.

What does rowdy like reading?

Rowdy loves kids’ comic books like Archie and Caspar the Friendly Ghost; secretly, he’s “a big, goofy dreamer,” and Junior loves to make him laugh.

Why is Junior so cynical about white teachers?

Junior is skeptical of white teachers for two reasons. First, he is influenced by outside sources to be skeptical, and second, his experience teaches him to be skeptical. This makes Junior even more skeptical of any white person who actually wants to come to the reservation and teach him and his peers.

Why is junior more likely to leave the reservation than rowdy?

Why is Junior more likely to leave the reservation than Rowdy? Junior’s family is more supportive than Rowdy’s. They knew how important Junior’s future is to him, and they are willing to do whatever it takes to help him achieve that dream. Rowdy’s father, though, beats him regularly.

Who is Junior in The Absolutely True Diary?

Arnold Spirit

What is Junior’s grandmother’s advice?

To this piece of information, his grandmother’s advice is: “You should have kicked him in the balls.” This is revealing about the culture on the Reservation. Even grandmothers encourage fighting for the right reasons. The next day at school, Roger sees Junior arrive on the back of a motorcycle.

Why does rowdy call Junior a nomad?

Rowdy calls Junior a nomad because Junior is following in the footsteps of their ancestors. In the book, Rowdy labels Junior a nomad toward the end of the story. After looking up the word “nomadic” in the dictionary, Rowdy concludes that the conventional definition of the word no longer fits Native Americans today.

Why does Mr P encourage Junior to leave the reservation?

Mr. P admits that he has contributed to the racism that has hindered Indians on the reservation from leading happy or successful lives. He encourages him to make what will be the most important decision of his young life—the decision to leave the Spokane Indian Reservation and go to school in Reardan.

What does Mary like about her new life?

What does Mary like about her new life? She likes the space, the people, the fact she could ride horses, the job opportunities, and her husband.

How does Roger the giant help junior?

A star basketball and football player and a popular senior at Reardan High School. After that, Roger, who is also friends with Penelope, respects Junior and they eventually become friendly, with Roger lending Junior money, driving him home, and reaching out to him as he tries out for the school basketball team.

What does Junior’s sister called?

Mary Spirit

How does Arnold Spirit change?

The reader is able to see a clear change in Junior throughout the course of the book. One change is Junior becomes confident. In the beginning of the book, Junior is not confident in himself and his dreams. In the end, he knows what he can do and is ambitious.

How does junior describe himself?

Still, for the most part, Junior is sincere, compassionate, resilient, and persistent. Junior struggles to find acceptance in both communities, and his positive character traits, especially his persistence, eventually secure him friends among the white kids—Penelope, Gordy, Roger and others—at the Reardan high school.

What does junior identify as the worst thing about being poor?

Junior relates that the worst part of being poor is having one’s dreams deferred or forever forgotten. He realizes that his parents had to give up their dreams because they are poor, and he says: Seriously, I know my mother and father had their dreams when they were kids.