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Why does junior throw his geometry book?

Why does junior throw his geometry book?

Why does Junior throw his geometry book? Because he gets so frustrated and just wants to throw it at something, and this signifies him being fed up with the Indian treatment.

What is the biggest problem junior has at reardan?

Junior faces a number of problems. His largest problem is his inability to connect with his new peers; Junior is an intelligent kid who is intolerant of less-intelligent people, and he struggles to connect with… (The entire section contains 2 answers and 431 words.)

How old is junior when the novel begins?

The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian is a first-person narrative novel by Sherman Alexie, from the perspective of a Native American teenager, Arnold Spirit Jr., also known as “Junior”, a 14-year-old promising cartoonist.

What advice does rowdy give junior?

He asks for advice. Rowdy writes back that he’s sick of Indians treating white girls like trophies. He tells Junior to get a life.

What do rowdy and Junior have in common?

Junior and Rowdy have a very complex relationship, Junior is an introverted nerd while Rowdy is a jock and one of the biggest people on the reservation, but they’re best friends, Rowdy gives Junior physical protection from bullies, while Junior gives Rowdy someone to vent his anger, they both keep each other from being …

How does junior make Penelope cry?

Junior realizes that Penelope throws up because she wants to feel beautiful, and she wants to throw away her pain and loneliness. My dad drinks his pain away.” When Junior tells Penelope not to give up because he believes in her. Then Penelope starts to cry and talks about how lonely she is.

Why does Mr P apologize to Junior?

Mr. P explains that as a young teacher at the reservation school, he was part of an education system intended to kill Indian culture. He can’t apologize to the people he hurt—both psychologically, and physically by beating kids who didn’t conform—but he can apologize to Junior.

What does junior learn during the novel?

In the novel, the main character Junior is traveling through his journey of self-discovery. He’s learning his own idea of right and wrong and forming his identity.

What did Junior discover about Penelope on the day she was vomiting in the girls restroom?

In Chapter 15 “Hunger Pains”, what did Junior discover about Penelope on the day she was vomiting in the girls’ restroom? She is pregnant.

Why was Junior accepted back into tribal society?

Why is Junior accepted back into tribal society? Junior is deemed to have betrayed his tribe because in the other people on the reservations eyes he turned his back on them and denounced their culture, they see him as someone who wants to be white since he left.

What were Junior’s grandmother’s last words?

But, Junior continues, his grandmother was just struck and killed by a drunk driver on her way home from a powwow. Her last words were “Forgive him.” Junior concludes that she meant the man who hit her.

How does Junior deal with his pain and problems?

How does Junior deal with his pain and problems? Rowdy his best friend helps him a lot but the main thing he uses are probably his drawings; he can put his thought into funny pictures and therefore not stress about it so much.