Where is Cordoba C7 made?

Where is Cordoba C7 made?

The Cordoba C7 CD/IN is part of the China-made Iberia series.

What strings does Cordoba use?

All Córdoba ukulele models now use Aquila strings exclusively. Combining elements of traditional string making with modern manufacturing techniques, Aquila leads the ukulele string market in technological advancement.

Are Cordoba guitars good?

Whether you play classical music, play flamenco, or just want to add a classical guitar to your musical arsenal, Cordoba guitars are an excellent option. These fine instruments are built in the Spanish tradition, and they can add resonance and presence to the music of any genre.

Does the Cordoba c7 come with a gig bag?

This instrument comes with a gig bag which is a reasonable guitar bag.

Does the Cordoba C7 have a cutaway?

Classical guitar bodies traditionally do not have a cutaway, although Cordoba does make cutaway models for players who want easy fret access. However, although the Cordoba C7 is a highly playable guitar, it doesn’t always arrive that way. Some players have noted that the guitar arrived with high action.

What is the difference between the Cordoba C5 and C9?

While Cordoba C9 is part of the Luthier series, instead of the Iberia like the previous two guitars, it has some features in common with the C5. The top of the guitar is built from Canadian cedar and the neck, back, and sides are solid mahogany, not laminates.

Does the Cordoba C7 have a truss rod?

While its solid Canadian cedar top alone makes it a great deal, this guitar is also especially well-appointed. Especially notable is the fact that the Cordoba C7 has a truss rod. Traditional nylon-string guitars are made without truss rods due to low string tension. However, if the neck starts to experience issues, it’s extremely difficult to fix.

Is the Cordoba C7 a good guitar for beginners?

This helpful Cordoba C7 review from an older player illustrates why the Cordoba C7 CD is such a great guitar for learning players. When you love the sound of your instrument, you’ll be much more inclined to continue playing. This is another review praising this guitar’s lovely sound.