Who wrote Femme Fatale song?

Who wrote Femme Fatale song?

Lou Reed
Femme Fatale/Lyricists

What three tracks from Velvet Underground and Nico feature Cale’s electric viola?

Cale’s viola was used on several of the album’s songs, notably “Venus in Furs” and “Black Angel’s Death Song”. The viola used guitar and mandolin strings, and when played loudly, Cale would liken its sound to that of an airplane engine.

How long was Nico with the Velvet Underground?

Instruments Vocals keyboards harmonium tambourine
Years active 1954–1988
Labels Verve Elektra Reprise Island Beggars Banquet
Associated acts The Velvet Underground John Cale Lou Reed Brian Jones Kevin Ayers John Cooper Clarke The Invisible Girls Blue Orchids Bob Dylan Brian Eno Iggy Pop

Who sings on the Velvet Underground and Nico?

The Velvet Underground
The Velvet Underground & Nico/Artists

Who has covered femme fatale?

Covers of Femme Fatale by The Velvet Underground

  • Femme Fatale by King Princess (2018)
  • Femme Fatale by Aloe Blacc (2010)
  • Femme Fatale by Big Star (1978)
  • Femme Fatale by Beck (2009)
  • Femme Fatale by Tracey Thorn (1982)
  • Femme Fatale by Duran Duran (1993)
  • Femme Fatale by R.E.M. (1986)
  • Femme Fatale by Teenage Fanclub (1997)

Is The Velvet Underground and Nico a concept album?

Released a few months before the Beatles’ landmark Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band in early 1967, but recorded close to a year before, The Velvet Underground & Nico, along with Sgt. Pepper, introduced a new form of rock music: the artsy concept album.

Was Nico a junkie?

With that record came the end of the 1960s, and also the end of any real opportunity for Nico. As a new decade dawned – the nihilistic Seventies – she had started injecting heroin and rapidly became deeply addicted. She dyed her famous blonde hair an orangey-red and cut it into an unappealing style.

When did Velvet Underground break up?

The group functionally disbanded in the early 1970s as everyone except Yule left the band….

The Velvet Underground
Genres Art rock proto-punk avant-garde experimental rock
Years active 1964–1973 1990 1992–1993 1996
Labels Verve Atlantic Polydor MGM Mercury Cotillion
Associated acts Nico Theatre of Eternal Music

Who sang Sunday morning originally?

Sunday Morning/Artists

Who is the most famous femme fatale?

Jessica Rabbit & 9 Other Memorable Movie Femme Fatales

  • 3 Catwoman.
  • 4 Poison Ivy, Batman & Robin.
  • 5 Julia, 1984.
  • 6 Concha Perez, The Devil Is a Woman.
  • 7 Gilda.
  • 8 Cora Smith, The Postman Always Rings Twice.
  • 9 Phyllis Dietrichson, Double Indemnity.
  • 10 Jessica Rabbit.

Is the Velvet Underground and Nico the same album?

Not to be confused with The Velvet Underground (album). The early LP edition with the banana-skin sticker peeled off. The Velvet Underground & Nico is the debut album by American rock band the Velvet Underground and German singer Nico, released in March 1967 through Verve Records.

Why is the Velvet Underground&Nico so popular?

The Velvet Underground & Nico was notable for its overt descriptions of topics such as drug abuse, prostitution, sadism and masochism and sexual deviancy.

When did the Velvet Underground release their first album?

The Velvet Underground & Nico is the debut album by American rock band the Velvet Underground, released in March 1967 by Verve Records.

What is the ISBN number for the Velvet Underground?

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